ECCEd Diploma Course Semester 2

  • 100 students
  • 9 lessons
  • 0 quizzes
  • 365 day duration
100 students

Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCEd)

Early Childhood Care and Education aims to develop a child’s emotional, social, and physical needs for a firm, wide-ranging foundation and attaining full potential for lifelong well-being.

Book of ECCEd

  1.  Early Childhood Care & Education An Analysis
  2.  Child Psychology & Development
  3.  Education Management & Technology
  4.  Methods & Materials Of Early Childhood
  5.  Issues & Concerns Related To Early Childhood

Skills Required for ECCEd

Children are very different from adults, especially in their sensitivity and grasping power. Teachers are required to have a certain skill set to approach and develop a child that will enable them to motivate and work while finding success and joy each day.

  • Enthusiasm and love for children
  • Patience and humor
  • Creativity and flexibility
  • Respect of differences as each child is unique in their learning style and personality

ECCEd Course Eligibility

  • 12th Pass

ECCEd Course Duration

  • 1 Year

Passing Percentage

  • The 75% of quiz result or completed lessons to finish the course.

Career Opportunities in ECCEd

The course prepare the students to pursue career as

  •  Teacher
  •  Curriculum Designer
  •  Educational Manager
  •  Educational Consultant

Courses Benefits

  •  Flexible working schedules with public holidays & vacations.
  •  Option of working either full time or part time
  •  Attain monetary benefits by working in international schools.
  •  Enhancing parenting skill & helps in understanding child better.
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