Commanders Academy of Teachers Training

Child is the father of Mankind. This child has to be groomed correctly. After the first and the foremost teacher – the mother, it is the Early Childhood Teachers who influence and give direction to the intellectual growth and personality of a child in perpetuity. With proliferation of nuclear families a young mother without collective wisdom of the family elders needs to train herself to be an Early Childhood Teacher too unless she is ready to learn by experience through trial and errors on the first child !!

The CATT addresses the need of an objective training for Preschool teachers & young mothers, imparting quality education in a conducive

educational environment with constantly updated learning techniques and methodology, Emphasis remains in grooming a TEACHER into a GURU – a teacher beyond academics. A teacher who knows the values which form an enduring emotional bond with the pupils and can induce life long respect and affection. CATT imparts this intangible attribute to the budding teachers by a well planned curriculum of academics, self analysis and direct social interaction.

This personality trait developed in our students is our strength, which is apparent in numerous success stories of the persons or worried mothers who thought not very high about themselves earlier but after having passed out from CATT have become valued part of their organization and are respected equally by the colleagues and the students alike in India and abroad.