About Commanders Academy

Commanders Education Trust has been founded with sole objective of giving fillip to severe leadership deficiency in our society. The country is full of talent, but most of this pool of talent remains unfit to don the leadership roles. Only a few well to do have access to elite schools and therefore get to the positions where national policy is decided and implemented. Majority of the youth in villages and in ‘Not rich’ parts of the urban areas, neither the ability to face get competitive examinations or the basic virtues for leadership positions in government or in corporate world. The Commanders’ Education Trust aims to mobilize resources to groom the disadvantaged sections of our society from Play

School stage to professional courses and imbibe essential leadership qualities which should manifest in the betterment of social living in every aspect. The board of eminent Trustees & Consultants endeavor to provide affordable & empowering education to the deserving students irrespective of their caste, creed, gender, region, social status or paying capacity, so that liberated personalities can be developed for transforming the governance system of our country so that a public servant, an officer in government serves the public by being one of them instead of ruling the public from a higher position.

Various educational & vocational training centres have been set up to address the needs of different segments of the students catering to particular objectives. Primary aim is to groom good teachers first who can really lead a child to form habits for lasting happiness.