Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCEd)
Spoken English & Personal Grooming
Montessori/Pre-Primary Teachers Training Course


Commanders Education Trust has been founded with sole objective of giving fillip to severe leadership deficiency in our society. The country is full of talent, but most of this pool of talent remains unfit to don the leadership roles. Only a few well to do have access to elite schools and therefore get to the positions where national policy is decided and implemented. Majority of the youth in villages and in ‘Not rich’ parts of the urban areas, neither the ability to face get competitive examinations or the basic virtues for leadership positions in government or in corporate world. This social disparity continues to feed itself, widening the gap further.



  • Ms Manisha SinghMs Manisha Singh

    Earlier I was very scared to teach tiny tots or controlling a class. I joined 'ECCEd' in April 2011 at Commanders' Academy, Colaba. Here, we were taken to various schools for on job training in between the academics. It was a great experience. I haven't found any institution as adjustable to meet individual requirements as this institution. I thank CATT for my confidence today.

  • Ms MeenuMs Meenu

    Faculty of Commanders' Academy is a very good and experienced academicians. It was a unique experience to get trained at this institution as I always felt a personal touch while doing my ECCEd course. The Teaching methods used by the faculty are so simple and down to earth.. I know now that every child is so beautifully different and needs to be handled individually. Thanks and best wishes to the faculty & staff of CATT to give me a new outlook & capabilities.

  • Ms Preeti SinghMs Preeti Singh

    I gained many ideas, more experience, and more confidence from E.C.C.Ed of Commanders' Academy Teachers Training. I was only a house maker but after this course I feel that this institute made a good teacher out of me I understand what is the responsibility of a teacher, and how easy it is to be valuable to the society. It has been a great experience.

  • Mrs. Rajana MishraMrs. Rajana Mishra

    I think this academy is important to me because I find myself improved a lot after this course. It has changed my social and professional attitude. I was in two minds was thinking that I am quite ok for any job but now I feel that my decision to join CATT was one of those decisions which change life. Thanks.

  • Ms Sanchita PalMs Sanchita Pal

    I was in two minds to join the course conducted by CATT. But comparisions with other institutes fee as well as quality standards of curriculum here helped me make a decision. I am so happy and proud of being a student of CATT.

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